Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zoo Lights!

Matching outfits to go check out Zoo Lights at the National Zoo!  Graham and Jackson were each wearing their fuzzy reindeer socks Mimi sent!
We went with the Yanceys, and Jackson and Rachel were so excited to start their tour of the zoo!
Family shot! We did this last year, and we were thrilled to have Graham with us this year!!!
There is an indoor exhibit of trains and gingerbread houses.  Jackson was able to really enjoy watching the trains this year.
You can't quite tell, but that is a lit up elephant Susie, Rachel, Joe, Jackson, and Josh are standing in front of!
A little photo op while we waited in line to get tickets to ride the train.
I'm really glad we tried out the train ride this year.  There wasn't much of a wait, and the kids enjoyed it. However, we adults were a little disappointed, and I think we will skip it in the future.  We DID get to sneak a peek at the new solar powered carousel.  We can't wait to try that when it's a bit warmer!

We had such a good time checking out the lights!  The kids were troopers, but poor Graham was just done and did cry the whole way home :(  The daddies dropped the rest of us off so we could start the kids on dinner and bedtime while they ran to pick up Boardwalk burgers and fries for dinner--such gentlemen :)

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