Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Came!

Merry Christmas Morning!  Santa came!!!  Jackson found a note from Santa right by the presents he left.  It explained that Santa knew Mimi was not at home, but he had brought her presents to the house.  He asked Jackson and Graham if they could help him and take them to Mimi.  The letter also explained that Sal went "home" with Santa to the North Pole and he would come back next Christmas.  So, we packed all the presents into Rubbermaid tubs and loaded them in the car and went to celebrate with Mimi!
Dad hadn't even seen most of these presents added to the pile when he was nervous about taking them all to Mom.  Once we packed them up, it didn't seem as overwhelming, and it worked out just fine :)
Jackson showing Graham his new dragon
Snuggles with Aunt Michelle
Jackson was a great helper passing out presents!  While we were waiting for everyone to get their presents, Graham started eating his :)
Nom, nom, nom!
Jackson opening his Santa present!  We didn't open this until we got home, but he was entertained playing with it still in the box all morning!
Graham got a cute Leap Frog play house from Santa!
He is starting to sit up some on his own now, so he was happy to prop himself up on Daddy's legs and check out his new toy
There is a restaurant my family likes to go to called Valley Lodge.  My mom and dad got Larry and Josh each a nice glass with the restaurant's logo on it.  BUT, one glass broke, so I wrapped the other glass and put both of their names on it.  Josh took the good glass, and my parents will take Larry his replacement when they go visit next.
Graham checking out his cute, soft book from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Larry
Graham loved hanging out with Aunt Michelle
Case and point :)
Posing with their decorative blocks
We got Dad a big mug/small owl to eat his popcorn snacks out of.  It says: Bampa's Popcorn
After Michelle got Graham mostly to sleep, he conked pretty much right out in my arms.  
Larry and Michelle turned one of the pictures of us from their wedding into a canvas!  It is beautiful, and I think it is going to be the centerpiece for the photo collage wall I want to put on the wall in the family room!
Sweet Christmas morning hugs!  Check out the snow outside!  It snowed while we were opening presents!
And hugs for Uncle Larry too :)

I am SO glad we took Christmas to my mom!  It definitely wasn't the same, but such a good decision.  We ended up doing all of the presents at once since it took quite a while for the nurses to get a wheelchair for Mom to come down to the waiting room that we hung out in.  We didn't know how long it would take if we came back later...  We went home for lunch and quiet time, Josh and Larry went to play basketball at Roycemore, and then we pretty much just hung out for the rest of the day.

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