Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Baby Girl, Hallie!

Rachel, Aimee and I threw a baby shower for Hallie, who is expecting Baby Girl #3!!!  Hallie wanted to include not only Izzy and Mary, but also the other kids in the neighborhood!  We thought hard about how to make this a nice shower for Hallie, but also hold the attention of all TEN kids that were there!  (Yup, Jackson was the only boy!)

First let me address the cake above: Aimee found a picture of a cake like this, and we all decided to re-create it.  We are pretty pleased with our efforts!  Rachel baked her super delicious chocolate chip pound cake for the base.  She made one 9x13 pan, one Pampered Chef batter bowl full of cake and two small custard cups full of cake.  Aimee was a rockstar at piecing it all together, and then I attempted to help her decorate with fondant.  SO cute!
The first activity was Photobooth.  Aimee brought all sorts of cute cardboard props: pacifiers, sippy cup, bottles, bibs, etc.  Everyone took a turn dressing up like a baby!
Hallie and her sweet mom who flew in for a quick weekend trip to be here :)
Check out this great group picture!
And, of course, one with silly faces!  I think it's hilarious that Graham fits right in!
The second game we played was for the kids to have a drinking contest out of baby bottles!  We poured apple juice in and let them at it!  It was really funny watching how long it took some of them...some of that was due to the flow of the nipple.  We realized we probably hadn't regulated that...
Then we played the diaper game.  As in, guess what candy bar is melted in this diaper!  LOL  That was quite entertaining!
The last game we played was Baby Concentration.  Aimee has this awesome board made up!  For each match (each match was something baby related), there was a candy bar corresponding.  Like, Triplets earned you a Three Musketeers bar!  CUTE!
And, finally, presents!  Hallie got some really cute stuff for this new baby girl.  We had such fun celebrating Hallie and cannot wait to meet this little munchkin!!!

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