Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jackson's First Field Trip!

 Last Wednesday Jackson's preschool took their first field trip!!!  The field trip was to our local high school, Forest Park, for the Tiny Tots concert.  Aimee was nice enough to keep Graham so I could chaperone for Jackson's class :)  First order of business: a ride on a big school bus!!!  Jackson was really excited!  His friend, Torin, was our buddy for the morning.
 Settled in our seats, and waiting for the show to start!
 The kids in band did a WONDERFUL job!  There was a mix of holiday music and movie theme songs.  The first song they played was the theme to "The Incredibles," so that was a strong start for Jackson :)  After a few songs, the band director introduced each instrument separately, and the students playing that instrument played a  part of a holiday song.  A projection on the wall showed accompanying characters and instruments.  It was really well done!
 After the show, the band members walked through the audience and let the kids see their instruments.  Jackson LOVED this part (they all did, who am I kidding?).  He really loved the woodblock :)
 The tuba was not far behind!  Jackson listed four instruments he wanted to play when he gets bigger: the wood block, the trumpet, the flute, and the violin.  Four instruments because he's four :)
The days surrounding the concert were part of the music theme at school.  They kids made their own cymbals!  BRILLIANT!
Bonus picture of silly brothers!

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