Thursday, January 28, 2016

#Snolycrap Day 8

We left the house!!! (And, I put on real pants for the first time in a week!!!  HAHAHA!)  Our destination was Pump it Up and we took Izzy with us--it was a fabulous plan--the kids LOVED it! I was impressed with the quality of the inflatables, the cleanliness and the quantity AND quality of supervision. 

 We stopped for McDonald's on the way home.  Crowd pleaser all the way around :)
We had a low-key afternoon--Jackson and Izzy relaxed with a movie and Graham napped. We're ready for Mimi's arrival tonight!!! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#Snolycrap Days 6 and 7

We are slowing down with all of our fun indoor activities... ahem...  We did get a head start on Valentines! Josh went back to work via Telework, but at least he still could stay home.
frown emoticon
The day ended on a high note for me as as I escaped the house ALL BY MYSELF! Ahhh...

 The boys are tired of TV! That's how you know you've had too many snow days... They mostly played games (Candy Land, Go Fishin', Zingo, Connect Four, and Sequence) nicely while I cleaned the house. They also loved the alien and robot sticker book i got with stickers to make funny faces!  
  Telework Perk: Game Break to finish the game of Sequence for Kids Little Brother abandoned...
This friendship is awesomesauce!  An afternoon playdate was just what we needed, and Izzy and Jackson spent most of the afternoon playing in the melting snow.
They built an Olaf!
 The last activity of the day was shaving cream play in the tub--HUGE hit!  (This was inspired by playing with cars in piles of shaving cream on the table during Preschool!)
 Spiderman can ride his motorcycle in the shaving cream up the wall
 Darth Vader can use the Dark Side in shaving cream too
 Bulldozing shaving cream
More Lego guys lined up and stuck in the shaving cream!

 Oh, and just before lunch, we found out school is closed tomorrow AND Friday...! (To be fair, Friday was already slated as an early release day. We also have a teacher work day on Monday, so it will be ***8*** days of school missed by the time we go back on Tuesday!!!).

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#Snolycrap Days 4 and 5

Snow Day #4: No new snowfall overnight! 
Our patio chairs are completely covered under all of that snow!
Delicious breakfast in the works: Egg, Biscuit and Sausage Gravy Casserole!  It was SO good!
Getting ready to roll a snowman!
Because we can!  Eliza is such a good girl :)
I don't know when we'll ever get mail again...  Sigh...  I hope my birthday cards can be delivered IN MAY!
King of the Snow Mound!
Our little hill in the backyard is PERFECT for Graham!

Such a good big brother bringing the sled back up the hill for the little brother :)
We spent our time today shoveling (mostly Josh), sledding, making a snowman, working on the tunnels in our ginormous snowpile, napping, braving the outside world to run to the grocery store, and another evening spent with fun friends eating yummy food and playing games!  Graham was not pleased with the turn of events of going to sleep at Miss Teresa's, but my choice eventually prevailed so we could stay for one more game of Ticket to Ride :)  You know, since we already knew school had been changed from a 2-hour delay to closed for Monday...
Snow Day #5: Back out to play in the snow!  I do love how the kids don't seem to tire of all of this snow... The huge pile in front of the house is very convenient for hours of snow play, if nothing else!
Check out that cool tunnel through the pile!
We mixed up some cool snow paint in squirt bottles and decorated all of this snow that seems to be sticking around for a while...
Josh did some more shovelling and I finally got on top of the snow mound!  It was quite high and VERY solid.
Abstract snow art

A little slide was even worn in on the side of the snow pile
Trying to get the carrot to stick...
Buggle in a tunnel!
Kings of the mountain!

Catching a snowball while in a tunnel!
Throwing snowballs at Daddy!
Homemade Snow Cream!

Snow Cream with strawberry syrup, sprinkles and a cherry on top!
Snow Cream approval!
Between playing outside outings Josh did our taxes and I cleaned up Mimi's room for her upcoming arrival on Thursday!!! Early bedtimes for kiddos after a couple of late nights, so that meant more games, a second batch of Adult Snow Cream, and catching up on shows. At 11pm on last night school was already cancelled for Wednesday and at least a 2-hour delay for Thursday...