Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Smiths Kick Off 2016

We ended the year on a fun note and have had lots of everyday fun to start the year!
Enjoying the last days with our pretty tree!  And, relaxing in my pjs already at 2:00pm ;)
A nice winter run with my buddy!
Beautiful morning sky!
Darth Graham!
Jackson has been ecstatic having this addition to the dress-up bin!  He doesn't need to know we only have it because Josh used it to dress as Cross-Dressing Darth Vader YEARS ago... ;)
Some flashlight reading with tiny lightsabers!
So cute...when the lightsabers are used appropriately!
It's snowing peanut letters!  These are all packing peanuts with the first letters of the kids' names for them to collect!
Shaving cream to drive cars through!!!  SO FUN!
Yup, the weather is still pretty warm--a good day for soccer!  Andrew and Graham were on a team!  Their team meeting was pretty cute :)
Esther and Jackson making their strategy!
LOVE our street full of friends!

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