Monday, October 21, 2013

"M" is for Matthias!

boy oh boy!
An adorable baby boy is on his way
Let's shower the mommy to be with gifts before her big day!
Please join us for a baby shower in honor of Rachel Bashore! 

Aimee, Hallie and I put together a baby shower for Rachel as she prepares to welcome Baby Bashore #4 (Baby BOY Bashore #2!)  
Hallie made this A.MAZ.ING cake!  Isn't it too cute???  She is quite amazing!  So amazing in fact, that she has her own website: Hallie's Cakes  The cake is really yummy too!
It's a Boy!
"M" is for: Mail, Map, Matchbox Car, Milk, Mittens, Mom, Monkey, Monster 
"M" is for Motorcycles and Matthias!
Gift table, diaper wreath and Game #1: Guess if the baby is Rachel or Jake and how old she/he is!
Diaper Wreath--I have yet to attempt a whole diaper cake, but I have had a lot of fun making diaper wreaths!  All you need is a wreath form, diapers, clear rubber bands (Dollar Store), ribbon and any other embellishments you want to add.  I am a huge fan of the Target store brand of diapers because they have a design ON them already!  You can make it more girly by using pink and purple embellishments, or keep with the blue theme for a boy wreath.  You can use any size, but I used size 2 on this one, so it doesn't have to be dismantled right away :)  You open up a diaper and fold it back over the wreath and secure it in place with a rubber band.  The more you squish the diapers together, the better it will look!
Lemonade and personalized water bottles
"M" is for Microwave Popcorn!
Thanks for POPPIN' over to Rachel's baby shower!
Game #2: Put a paper plate on your head and draw a baby on it (while plate stays on your head) in 90 seconds or less!
It's like a bad version of Win, Lose or Draw!  LOL
Present time!
The hostesses and the Mama-to-Be!
Rachel and her adorable baby bump!
Rachel's mom came in last minute and was able to come to the shower--SO glad to see her there!!!

Matthias is scheduled to enter the world on Monday, November 4th--can't wait to meet him and snuggle his little guy-ness!  Rachel and I clicked as soon as we met, and I was THRILLED we were able to put this together and shower her with fun and love!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stomp Rocket!

One of Jackson's birthday presents from us was a Stomp Rocket just like the one he played with at Grant and Colby's house this summer.  Unfortunately, the weather was not fantastic after his birthday, but we were finally able to get it out today!!!  
 This really was a great toy for this trio--nine years old, five years old, and just over one year old :)
 I love this picture of Landen, Jackson and Graham all watching the rocket!
 A beautiful day for a rocket launch :)
 Checking out the contraption
 I just like this moment I caught on camera
 Graham spent some time in the playhouse while the big boys played with the rocket.
 A straw and a cup were good entertainment!
 Happy boy :)
 Izzy and Mary came down to check out the rocket, and again, everyone is looking up!
 Awesome action shot of Izzy stomping!
 Landen's turn
Jackson's turn

This toy is a BIG hit!  An excellent gift idea for all ages apparently :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Matchy Jammies!

I cannot get over these two!!!  I managed to find the footie jammies for Graham that matched the two-piece sets Jackson already had.  They have four pairs that match :)
Bears brushing their teeth
Fire trucks
Brother sweetness :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Soccer Sunday with Mimi and Bampa (and Birthday Presents and Date Night)!

Jackson was so patient waiting to open his presents!  We waited until Sunday morning while it was much calmer...  He is a lucky, lucky boy to have had so many friends and family celebrate with him.  It makes our hearts happy to see so many people loving on our Buddy Bear :)
Love Graham photo-bombing!
Jackson Batman...
Graham Batman...
Josh Batman!
Nan sent a fantastic selection of Super Hero Squad stories with Mimi and Bampa.  These are great books, by the way, for the younger superhero fans!
Jackson loved the huge card from Mimi and Bampa!
A LeapPad!  It was pretty cute, because Jackson didn't actually know what this was when he opened it!  LOL  Once we told him, and we got it all set up, he was loving it!  Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle sent him a Cars 2 game that he plays all the time :)
Sweet hugs :)
Checking it out all together
Mimi was a big help and wiped down all of the tables and chairs we borrowed from our friends to seat all of the kiddos.  Obviously, Graham was a big help ;)
Jackson and Bampa did some coloring and crossword puzzles, respectively.
After a yummy lunch of leftover party food (we are working our way through an enormous tub of cheese balls), we got ready for Jackson's soccer game!  Mimi and Bampa picked a fantastic weekend for a visit--Jackson played really well, and the whole team had a great game!  

We hurried home from soccer to lay Graham down for a nap and to have Lindsay come over to babysit so we could take Mimi and Bampa into DC.  We took them to three of our new favorite places from our weekend getaway: Eastern Market, Matchbox for Dinner and Ted's Bulletin for dessert :)  It was a really fun night out just the grown-ups!
Our adult milkshakes all lined up: Kahlua Mocha, Toasted Coconut, Nutty Professor and Bananas Foster

Yesterday Mom and I dropped off Jackson at school, and then we had fun at the mall with Graham.  It was POURING, so it was a perfect morning for shopping!  Dad and Josh met us at school to pick up Jackson, and so Jackson could show them around a little.  We headed home and then ordered Chinese for lunch.  Grahammers napped while we all relaxed before heading to Red Robin for an early birthday dinner for Jackson.  We had such a good time, and then they came to sing to Jackson, and this was his face.  He reacted just like him mommy--a lot of shy and a little embarrassed.  
I think the sundae was worth it!
After getting all the boys settled at home, Mom and I went out to a movie.  We saw "Baggage Claim," which was super cute, and we had a great time doing one of our favorite things together :)

This wonderful visit came to an end this morning when we all left at the same time to head our separate ways.  I LOVED having my parents here for Jackson's party, but it definitely made the trip feel shorter than usual.  Luckily, it's just a few short weeks until Thanksgiving...