Monday, October 21, 2013

"M" is for Matthias!

boy oh boy!
An adorable baby boy is on his way
Let's shower the mommy to be with gifts before her big day!
Please join us for a baby shower in honor of Rachel Bashore! 

Aimee, Hallie and I put together a baby shower for Rachel as she prepares to welcome Baby Bashore #4 (Baby BOY Bashore #2!)  
Hallie made this A.MAZ.ING cake!  Isn't it too cute???  She is quite amazing!  So amazing in fact, that she has her own website: Hallie's Cakes  The cake is really yummy too!
It's a Boy!
"M" is for: Mail, Map, Matchbox Car, Milk, Mittens, Mom, Monkey, Monster 
"M" is for Motorcycles and Matthias!
Gift table, diaper wreath and Game #1: Guess if the baby is Rachel or Jake and how old she/he is!
Diaper Wreath--I have yet to attempt a whole diaper cake, but I have had a lot of fun making diaper wreaths!  All you need is a wreath form, diapers, clear rubber bands (Dollar Store), ribbon and any other embellishments you want to add.  I am a huge fan of the Target store brand of diapers because they have a design ON them already!  You can make it more girly by using pink and purple embellishments, or keep with the blue theme for a boy wreath.  You can use any size, but I used size 2 on this one, so it doesn't have to be dismantled right away :)  You open up a diaper and fold it back over the wreath and secure it in place with a rubber band.  The more you squish the diapers together, the better it will look!
Lemonade and personalized water bottles
"M" is for Microwave Popcorn!
Thanks for POPPIN' over to Rachel's baby shower!
Game #2: Put a paper plate on your head and draw a baby on it (while plate stays on your head) in 90 seconds or less!
It's like a bad version of Win, Lose or Draw!  LOL
Present time!
The hostesses and the Mama-to-Be!
Rachel and her adorable baby bump!
Rachel's mom came in last minute and was able to come to the shower--SO glad to see her there!!!

Matthias is scheduled to enter the world on Monday, November 4th--can't wait to meet him and snuggle his little guy-ness!  Rachel and I clicked as soon as we met, and I was THRILLED we were able to put this together and shower her with fun and love!

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