Monday, October 7, 2013

American Flag Cake

I love a great theme for a party, but there has to be a good cake option!  I've been a cupcake fan until now.  I saw a pretty awesome cake on Pinterest, and I decided to tackle it!  You put a cake together in a certain way so that each slice looks like a little American flag!!!
Here is Jackson's cake after I finished frosting and decorating it.  Looks great, right?
Here is Jackson's cake about two hours before the party was supposed to start :(  The back just started to sink!  This was in addition to a huge chunk that kept falling off of the front no matter how much frosting I added.
More collapse :(
To make the cake, you bake four different cakes: two red ones, one blue one and one white one.  You slice them in halves and then assemble them in such a way that each slice looks like a flag.  This site gives the step-by-step instructions:
I kept adding frosting to keep things in place, and to make the outside look neat, so the cake was super heavy!
I am SOOO lucky to have Hallie living down the street.  I called her pretty upset, and she came right over to perform emergency cake surgery!  She worked a miracle!  She fixed it up a bit, then we stuck it in the freezer until the party.  Right at the start of the party, she got it looking amazing with, that's right, more frosting!  ;)
American flag cake complete with tiny American flag decorations and "JACKSON" candles
It did work beautifully!  Each slice looked just like this!
Each slice was larger than my hand!  I ended up touching each piece while plating it so it didn't fall apart! We all got a good laugh out of the whole thing.  It definitely wasn't funny while it was happening, though!

Jackson LOVED the cake, and that really IS all that matters!

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