Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mimi and Bampa are Here!!!

We have anxiously been awaiting Mimi and Bampa's arrival!!!  They have been anxiously awaiting Dad's retirement so they could take a driving trip through the northeastern states to see the beautiful fall colors.  Lucky for us all, their trip coincided with Jackson's birthday party :)
We made a banner to welcome them!  When you are excited for something to happen, preparing for that thing helps pass the time :)
Mr. Graham was so excited for visitors that he didn't sleep much during his afternoon nap.  Our plan of an early dinner out seemed to be in jeopardy, but I lucked out and our babysitter, Lindsay, was able to come over at the last minute to sit with Graham while he slept.  Jackson thought it was pretty neat to get to come out to dinner with us grown-ups while Graham stayed home :) 

We went down the street to The All American Steakhouse, and we really were able to relax, eat, and catch up :)
We waited a looong time for our entrees, especially Jackson's, but we were compensated with a HUGE ice cream sundae!  Luckily, there were many helpers...
Just missing Uncle Larry to make this quite a perfect picture!  I just noticed that all three boys are wearing blue!  Totally un-planned!

After dinner, Mom and I dove into food preparations for the party!  She took charge of individual layered Jello cups with red, white, and blue Jello.  I worked on baking FOUR BOXES of cake!  Around 10pm, we realized we needed more Jello, so I went to the grocery store up the road in my pajamas and purchased more Jello and several rolls of sausage that I realized I forgot for the delicious dip for the party.  I wonder if anyone else has ever had a sausage and Jello emergency...?

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