Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blessed By Our Neighbors

(Jackson, Izzy, Avery, Reagan, Graham, Mary, Landen and Sage)
I say it A LOT, but we could not have been happier with where we ended up in our fabulous house!  Our life is SO different from when Jackson was Graham's age.  I took Jackson out each afternoon to go for a walk in the woods with Pax, and we spent many weekends doing the same as a family. But, now BOTH boys are outside playing with their friends for HOURS in the afternoons!  I LOVE IT!  Graham is experimenting with all of the outdoor toys, testing the boundary of the street, and getting a taste of sharing.  Jackson and the "older" kids spend most of their time racing up and down the sidewalk on scooters and bikes or playing any variety of make-believe games on the playhouse in our yard.  

They do a pretty good job of humoring the Little Sibling Squadron that is quickly showing interest in playing whatever the big sisters and brothers are playing!
Chalk body tracing!

Violet is such a good sport!

I wish we could have traced Paxton, but I do love that he's in this picture!  Sage, Mary, Jackson, Izzy, Violet and Graham with their chalk versions of themselves :)

We have loved doing Date Night Swaps with Rachel and Jake (we need to make the most of these before they move this summer...), and we had the pleasure of having Reagan, Avery and Levi over to our house a few weeks ago.  They played outside, had a yummy dinner, watched a movie, and made grilled banana ice cream sundaes!
 Reagan's sundae
 Levi went right to town!
 Jackson's sundae (covered in blue sprinkles)
 Avery's sundae
Grahammers was long ago in bed--maybe a different time he can take part...

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