Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Train Heaven

One day we plan to finish our basement, but that day is still quite far away.  I did start to wonder if we could use more of the basement.  It sure would be nice to have an area down there to send kids down to to keep the chaos to a minimum on the main level...  I rearranged some furniture we were storing along with cleaning up lots of clutter to create a whole train area.
Brandi had found a fantastic train table put out for free, so we had that sitting in the basement.  Jackson also had many train sets that he wasn't using very often.  I decided to move all of the trains downstairs and to keep Graham out of the basement, so the trains could just get set up and stay put!  I set up his Chuggington train tracks on the train table, and then there are two HUGE tubs of GeoTrax we have inherited/borrowed from Jackson's cousins and neighbors.  I showed Jackson the finished product right before his buddy, Isaiah, came over, and they ran right down there to play.  I think it's a hit!
Neither the playroom nor the boys' rooms are decorated with characters, so I thought it would be an extra surprise to put up some posters of some of Jackson's favorite characters.  He was really excited when he saw them :)

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