Saturday, April 27, 2013

Teddy Bear Day!

Yesterday Jackson had Teddy Bear Day at school!  They talked about teddy bears all week, and then they each got to bring teddy bears to school for a picnic on Friday!  Jackson was super excited to bring Old MacDonald to school with him.  He also wore his special shirt from Uncle Larry--a teddy bear shirt from Israel :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little of This, A Little of That

I cannot get enough of watching Graham play with other little friends!  He and Levi both LOVED the Handy Manny toolbox.  As all children do :)  Levi is twenty months, and we have a neighbor with a little boy who is 14 1/2 months, and the three of them are so cute when they are sitting outside together!
Just some sunglass cuteness on the way to soccer :)
Soccer game #2
Graham Joey and Daddy
Jackson and Rachel with their matching watches!  After soccer, we headed to the Yanceys to take them dinner and hang out.
On Sunday, we went to the Sacbibis' for dinner, and Graham enjoyed the fresh air by eating dinner on the porch. 
All dressed up in his little tie onesie from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Larry :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lunch with Daddy!

We continued our fun adventures by going to visit Josh at work and bringing lunch :)  Graham, Josh and Jackson all wore their matching polo shirts--LOVE them!  And, of course, I posed them in front of the maps :)
 Helping Daddy type some very important e-mails ;)
 Jackson LOVES going to Josh's office to check out all the fun toys and pictures to look at.  There were plenty of co-workers who found an excuse for a break so they could play with the boys and chat.  We love when we get to see Daddy mid-day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gravelly Point and Cherry Blossoms

How had we NOT been to spend time at Gravelly Point yet???  I have heard about it from a couple of people, but it just never really made it on our list.  We planned to head into the Cherry Blossom Festival yesterday, so we thought this would make a perfect stop beforehand.  We were right!!!
Here is a picture of Josh and Jackson sitting right up by the fence that runs between the park and Reagan National Airport's runway!!!  This is why this spot is so cool--you can watch tons of airplanes take off, and then they land right over your head!!!
It took a little while until they really started landing over us, but then they were coming in every few minutes!
The Washington Monument was right behind us.  There is a fantastic path that runs through the park and down by the Potomac River.  It was SO pretty!
 Jackson really liked it, but this is how he spent each landing!
Ears plugged, but eyes focused
I am SO pleased with how this picture turned out!  There is an airplane ready to land right over my boys' heads!!!
Mommy and Jackson watching one come in!
We had picked up Jackson right from school and headed into the city.  After some airplane watching, we hit the cherry blossoms!  We got there just at the right time--parking was scarce, but we saw loads more people driving around looking for spots once we had already parked and unloaded.
Jackson brought his own camera and took some pictures :)
Young photographer at work
Lucky boy--Daddy carried him in this prime spot for the majority of the afternoon
Jackson and Josh in front of the Washington Monument
Cute faces and pretty flowers
The blossoms didn't technically peak until today-ish, but they were still pretty beautiful!
I so wish these strangers weren't in the background of this shot, but it is hard to find an empty spot to take pictures, since that is what EVERYONE is doing!
Smelling the pretty flowers
Jackson being a beaver--the mascot of the festival
There was a LOOOOONG piece of butcher block paper set up and lots of markers.  Kids were encouraged to draw a picture of what friendship means to them.  Jackson drew a picture of himself and baby Ben!
Mommy and Jackson with the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial in the background
Yay--one family shot from the day :)
SOOO pretty!  I love that we were able to find a non-weekend day to do this.  I LOVE going to see the cherry blossoms, but Josh does not love the crowds.  I don't blame him, but I'm so glad we got to go!
Almost finished with our walk around the Tidal Basin.  We wandered through part of the FDR Memorial before finding the car and heading home.  What a fun day playing tourist :)  Next up, a ride on the Metro per Jackson's request...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Weekend!

These two little guys were MUCH prayed and waited for--I can't believe there are EIGHT of us Smiths and Yanceys :) :) :)  Graham did a great job eating and Ben did a great job snoozing! 
SWEETNESS!  We love getting to hang out with our newest friend :)
Tiny fist
Snuggles with Josh
Yesterday we took advantage of our beautiful spring weather and went for a hike in the Prince William Forest.  We took the train that leads to the waterfall.  Josh, Jackson and Pax did a little hopping around.
Checking out the water
Daddy moves big stick
Josh posed Jackson on this rock and then went further down stream to take the picture
I made it one rock out with all of the boys for Josh to take a picture, and that was great.  Then Jackson and Josh found a little turtle they were looking at.  Jackson was super cute crouched down, so I got out the camera to take a picture...and I dropped the camera in the stream :(  New camera is headed this way later this week as an early birthday present from my parents, but that is where the photos of this outing end...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jackson's First Week of Soccer!

We signed Jackson up for Spring Soccer!!!
He is on his buddy, Cole's, team.  They LOVE having soccer together in addition to school!
Jackson's first practice was Thursday, and he had a blast!  they did some stretching to warm-up, practiced dribbling, practiced kicking short kicks so they keep control of the ball, and played Red Light, Green Light with the soccer ball--this was his FAVORITE!
It was a chilly day for practice...
...but a beautiful day for our first soccer game!!!
Go Gold!
Practicing before the game
Jackson and Cole cheering on their teammates
Buddies :)
Graham was an excellent spectator!
The games consist of four eight-minute quarters with an eight-minute half-time.  We all signed up to take turns bringing snacks for each game.  That's the best part, right?  ;) 
The coaches referee each game.  There are no goalies and we do not keep score...technically...
Jackson scored FOUR goals in his first game! We were pretty surprised with how good he was!  His whole team is pretty awesome--it should be a really fun season :)
Daddy and Grahammers!
Discussing the game
Graham and me with Meredith and Blake
Running!  What a fabulous outlet for that :)
After the first game :)  Jackson already can't wait for Thursday to have soccer practice!