Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bunny Boys and Baby Mia

I am quite proud of this impromptu, yet artsy picture :)
The Easter bunny visited Mimi and Bampa's house!  He left some eggs just for Graham in the shape of a "G" right on the front lawn.  I guess he didn't want the first year of egg-hunting to be too challenging for him ;)  They were filled with puffs and yogurt melts, of course!
We had a beautiful day, and Jackson had such fun hunting for eggs outside!  He has always LOVED hunting for eggs, but we had never discussed who hid them.  This year, he knew it was the Easter Bunny :)  Ah, pre-school... ;)
Graham and I had a great time watching!
There were some hidden in the bushes
Graham and his eggs
He was confused by the grass at first, but then he started crawling to get them!
Funny face!
We followed the trail to the backyard, where some more eggs were hidden
There were Easter bags waiting in the tree for the boys!  FUN!
Easter 2013 at Mimi and Bampa's
A little lunch, and the "My 1st Easter" bib you can't quite see
Mommy and the boys (it was quite sunny)
Jackson was nice enough to open all of the eggs and sort the contents between him and Graham
My mom is AWESOME!!!  She drove all the way to Naperville with me (an hour each way) so that I could go visit Kim and her sweet, baby girl, Mia in the hospital!  She was due early April, and I had my fingers crossed that Baby Girl would arrive while I was in town.  And, she did!  She was born on Saturday, so off we went to see them!  Except, I was the only one who got to visit since the boys were too young too visit on the maternity ward.  So, not only did my mom sit in the car with me that long, but she just kept the boys entertained in the cafeteria for a half hour while I got in some quick baby snuggles!  Can't wait to see more of them in May!!!

After a yummy dinner at home, my mom and I went to a movie and Bampa held down the fort!  Jackson was super excited to have Bampa read him his bedtime story and tuck him in :)  We saw "Admission" with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, and it was the perfect movie for our movie night--really funny!  I love special times like that out with my mom :)

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