Friday, April 5, 2013

Graham is Ten Months Old!

This squishy face has been a part of our family for TEN MONTHS!!!  Where has the time gone???
This one looks like he's going to eat the camera!
Hi there, Mommy!
Silly guy!
We came back from Chicago with Graham crawling!!!  He had taken a few single crawls before we left, but he really took off the last couple of days of our trip.  Jackson really walked while we were with my parents, so I'm glad they got to see a big milestone from Graham too!  Graham obviously had his first flight during his tenth month, and he did great!  He continues to be the penultimate second child--super flexible!  If we are home, he is still between two and three naps a day.  If we are out and about, he is satisfied with cat naps in the car and stroller.  His usual bedtime is 6:30, and he is sleeping all the way through the night now!!!  Sometimes he likes to get up early around 5:30.  But, we know from our experience with Jackson, it's worth it for everyone's happiness to put him to bed when he really is ready, and we can adjust the time back as he gets older.  He is eating really well too--lots of table food!  He loves fruit for sure, but hasn't really not liked anything we've given him.
Thank goodness for hard hats!
I can't see!
What is this heavy thing?
Off goes our littlest construction worker...

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