Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jackson's First Week of Soccer!

We signed Jackson up for Spring Soccer!!!
He is on his buddy, Cole's, team.  They LOVE having soccer together in addition to school!
Jackson's first practice was Thursday, and he had a blast!  they did some stretching to warm-up, practiced dribbling, practiced kicking short kicks so they keep control of the ball, and played Red Light, Green Light with the soccer ball--this was his FAVORITE!
It was a chilly day for practice...
...but a beautiful day for our first soccer game!!!
Go Gold!
Practicing before the game
Jackson and Cole cheering on their teammates
Buddies :)
Graham was an excellent spectator!
The games consist of four eight-minute quarters with an eight-minute half-time.  We all signed up to take turns bringing snacks for each game.  That's the best part, right?  ;) 
The coaches referee each game.  There are no goalies and we do not keep score...technically...
Jackson scored FOUR goals in his first game! We were pretty surprised with how good he was!  His whole team is pretty awesome--it should be a really fun season :)
Daddy and Grahammers!
Discussing the game
Graham and me with Meredith and Blake
Running!  What a fabulous outlet for that :)
After the first game :)  Jackson already can't wait for Thursday to have soccer practice!

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