Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Festitivities

We had a wonderful start to Halloween!  Auntie Em came to spend the day with us, and we had so much fun :)  She got here bright and early after dropping off Uncle Josh at school.  We got ready to go and headed to Target for some pre-Superstorm Sandy items.  After that outing we headed home for lunch and quiet time.  After quiet time, we carved our pumpkin!!!  
Jackson dug right in after just a little encouragement!
Auntie Em handled Carving Duty!
Graham eyeing our bowl of pumpkin seeds...
Out happy little helper!
Helpful supervisor!
Jackson and the finished product!
Someone got a little messy, so we had to take off his clothes!  LOL
Someone else had a busy day and passed out in the recliner while watching TV!   I love how his cup is tucked in his arm and that you can see the Patrick sticker in the middle of his shirt if you look very closely...
Since Jackson was sleeping when Auntie Em had to leave, she had a photo op with just Grahmmers :)
I LOVE getting to spend days like this with one of my oldest and bestest friends :)
Good thing Jackson got in a little snooze since we had a Halloween block party at night!!!  You can't quite tell, but Graham is wearing his cape too :)
Hallie planned a great party!  The first game was a donut eating contest!  The donuts were tied to our tree, and you were supposed to eat your donut without your hands.  This was a little tricky, so basically everyone got to eat a donut :)
It was a potluck for snacks, and it was a lovely spread!  There was homemade cider, apple slices dipped in caramel, pumpkin rice krispie treats, funfetti cake, mango cheesecake, candy corn puppy chow snack mix, snake calzones, cookies, and a few other yummy treats!
The kids also played ring toss.  And, then we let them run around the cul de sac to get out some energy :)  It was definitely the calm before the storm and we enjoyed the nice night.  Again, I LOVE our neighborhood and our friends!  Jackson had a ball :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Boys in Mid-October

 This happy guy kept me company while I ate lunch one afternoon. 
 He was quite happy mostly naked with a blanket to play with!
 Cannot get enough of those thighs!!!
 Graham is getting more and more interested in his toys!  He really enjoys sitting in the Bumbo, but it does cause a lot of excess spit-up so we try to time that well...
 Oh look, I've got my toys on one side and here comes some fun entertainment...
The Living Room Wrestlers!!!  Graham LOVES watching Jackson (and any other kids, really)!  I know he can't wait until he can wrestle too...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend with Mimi!

We had been counting down the days until Mimi's visit for quite a long time! It had been too long since we saw her, and I couldn't wait for her to see the changes in Graham! When she was here when he was born, she was amazingly helpful, but with Jackson mostly. I felt bad that trip that she didn't get much snuggle time with Grahmmers. This summers trip was a bit chaotic, but this last trip was great--she really got to spend some time with him! 
Mom got in last Thursday night, so she was here to take Jackson to school Friday morning! I made the most of her extra hands, and we ran a ton of errands--mostly returning things, so there was a lot of in and out of the car. One huge perk of giving up naps was we got to take Jackson to lunch after school without worrying about the time! That evening we stayed home and I made a very fall-ish dinner: Baked Acorn Squash with Sausage and Rigatoni Filling and Pumpkin Biscuits. On Saturday, we just hung around the house and played. After quiet time, we got out Jackson's new baseball set. 
He had such a good time hitting the balls that flew out of the toy.
I love the shadow in this picture!
He had great fans!
These are one of the favorite things Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle sent when Jackson was a baby!
That night Susie, Joe, and Rachel came over for dinner. After dinner, Susie, Mom, and I went to see "Pitch Perfect." It was really good and we had such a good time!
On Sunday we headed into the city!  Our first stop was to show Mom the new Martin Luther King, Jr memorial.  The view of Jefferson was pretty good, so I took a picture of the boys :)
Fall is really here!!!
Meandering by the WWII Memorial
There were a TON of planes flying!  I loved being able to get one in my picture!
Jackson was SO excited to go see "Uncle Larry's favorite!"  It was really cute!
And, we have Mini-Josh #2 :)
In front of Lincoln
We packed a picnic and ate on the hill right by the Washington Monument
Mimi and her TWO boys :)
Playing with the cute little guy
There was plenty of room for some post-lunch wrestling
And flying!
Group shot :)
Yes, it was as beautiful of a day as the sky looks!
Kisses :)
Mimi and the boys
Jackson was excited to go see the dog
LOVE this guy!  We had such a good time, came home for quiet time, and then went out to dinner at The Bungalow Alehouse. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

4th Birthday Day!

Good morning, Birthday Boy!!!
Present time!!!
Card from Gramma J
New clothes!
Big Brother!
Little Brother!  Gramma sent some clothes for Graham too, and Jackson was holding them up for him :)
Spiderman sandwich box and Transformers water bottle from Mommy and Daddy!
And, new washcloths!  Jackson was SO sweet that night: he chose the one he wanted and then said Graham could use the other two!
What a hilarious card Graham "chose" ;)
Graham gave Jackson a Spiderman bell for his bike!
A fun Chuck the Truck doodle from Nan
An automatic baseball pitcher from Mommy and Daddy!
Good audience :)
A McDonald's cash register set from the Buerstattes!
An awesome train set from Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle!
We spent the morning playing with Jackson's new toys :)
Taking order!
Twins :)
Happy birthday, Jackson!
Getting ready to go to dinner at Chik-fil-a :)
Mommy and Daddy and our big, little guy!
Jackson's last present from us--a Transformers tie blanket!
Red Robin Birthday Dinner (a few days later when Mimi was in town--let's not pretend we don't know that I'm backdating these posts...)