Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jackson's Fourth Birthday Party!

 Jackson wanted two separate parties: one dinosaur and one superhero, so we decided to combine themes and host a Super Hero Dino Party!
 "Come over in a flash for one big dino bash!"
"It would be super-saurus incredible if you could join us for Jackson's 4th birthday party :)"
 The day before his party, Jackson helped me make his chocolate cupcakes!
 He has become quite the big helper as he has gotten older!
 Truthfully, he could have probably filled the whole cupcake tin by himself, but I was too impatient to go that route ;)
 So, we took turns :)
 Graham was well entertained after we picked up the balloons!
 Decorating Table!  Each child had both a mask and a "super sword" (paper towel roll) to decorate with stickers.  We also colored super hero coloring pages!
 I made a cape for each of Jackson's friends with his/her first initial on it.  I went mostly according to this tutorial.  I went ahead and cut the neck in half too, so I was able to make two capes from one shirt.  Then, I hot-glued ribbon to the neck as a closure.  I used adult medium sized shirts, and that seemed to work pretty perfectly for this bunch.
 Jackson's special cake with a super hero dino made out of fondant and painted with gel food coloring.
 Fondant decorations--Super "J"s and Super "4"s!
 Happy birthday subway art and the photo books from Jackson's first three birthdays :)
 The birthday boy decorating his accessories!
Super Jackson: The Front...
And, Super Jackson: The Back
These two were quite the pair during the party :)
All ready to go outside for a game!
We played a really fun game outside!  We set up a bunch of balloons weighted down and let the kids "battle" them with their super swords.  They thought it was fabulous to run around whacking the balloons!
Next up, tattoos!
Carefully choosing...
Belly art!
Post Pin the Cape on the Super Dino!
The Supers: Jackson, Mary, Rachel, Izzy, Avery, Maddie, Brodie, and Reagan
With the littlest supers added in: Graham and Levi
Everyone from the back--we totally should have lined them up to spell something!
Family birthday shot
D+J = J and G :)
Dinner time!  Dinosaur chicken was on the menu, of course!
There was also applesauce, chips, and fun cups to drink out of.
After dinner we broke out the bubble machine!  Always a hit :)
Ready for cupcakes!
Singing to the birthday boy!
I think this guy enjoyed his fun afternoon!
And, then a little fire broke out :)  It felt good as it got chilly as the evening went on!
Graham seems to love watching sports!  Particularly with Joe :)
Graham post-party showing off HIS dinosaur outfit :)

The birthday celebration certainly did not end with the party--more posts to come!

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