Friday, October 5, 2012

Graham is Four Months Old!

 Graham's four month check-up isn't for another week, but I wanted to get there pictures posted sooner than later!  I will update with his stats once we get them...
Here they are! 
Weight: 16.6 pounds (62nd %ile)
Height: 25 inches (20th %ile)
Head Circumference: 16.25 inches (69th %ile) 

 We took these pictures in Graham's bedroom since he started sleeping in his crib this month!  We really don't mind having the Pack-n-Play in our room, and there really isn't a difference between him sleeping in the Pack-n-Play versus his crib, but what better time than now to make the transition!
 Graham continues to be such a happy baby...for the most part. He has started to let out these awful crying outbursts that sound like he is in such pain :(  Most of the time they are over as soon as they started, but sometimes they go on for a bit.  He is quite grunty these days too--not sure what that is about.  His naps are pretty short--about 30-45 minutes, which leads me to believe he is waking himself up after the first part of the sleep cycle, but then can't go right back to sleep on his own.  However, he is happy between naps, so that is great!  We'll see how the nap thing shakes out--I sense that we are on the verge of more of a schedule settling in.

Graham's thighs are SO chunky!  Jackson's body type was so different when he was a baby!  Graham is still eating well and is happy to make faces at anyone who talks to him!  He is loving to play on his playmat, swing in his swing, sit in the Bumbo, and we think he might be ready for the Exersaucer!  I'm so hesitant to get that out because that signals the true end to newborn-hood :(  Graham talks SO much these days!  His voice is so sweet, and it's super cute to listen to Jackson talk back to him.  He talks in the same babbles as Graham--SUCH a good big brother :)  Graham loves to watch Jackson do pretty much anything--dance, play and sing.  He seems to really enjoy listening to us read stories.

This month Graham went both to Cox Farms and apple picking for the first time!  He is such a trooper  pretty much everywhere we go, and seems to be pretty flexible!  Ah, the life of a second child :)  We LOVE watching our two boys together, and look forward to watching that bond grow as they each get older and learn new "tricks!"

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