Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a lot Like Christmas...

We got home just in time for Sal's first visit!!!
He brought us a delicious breakfast!
Graham wanted to share his drink in his "Frozen" cup with Sal :)
Reindeer donut holes
Sal left a note, reindeer antlers, snowman socks and countdown calendars to Christmas!
The boys were really excited for the trees to go up, but they were extra anxious for Daddy to set up the train!

My silly elf!
Jackson enjoys lots of the same things I do during the holidays: spending time by the tree, holiday jammies and egg nog!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Hanging Out

A wee bit belated, but we gave Ellie her birthday present--it's more fun to give gifts in person :)
That helmet looks too good on him... :/
"Helping" Ellie check out her new present...
This could be dangerous...!
Such fun friends!  
Fitting in a little make-up school work with Bampa
High five!

Playing one of their favorite special games that Bampa keeps at his house :)

Oh my, Jackson just LOVES hanging with Madelyn!
Tummy time for all!
I love this baby girl!
Smiley snuggles
Nothing like watching TV and holding a baby
Jackson and Madelyn :)

Both the picture above and below tell how much fun we had--it was a tired ride home...

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our newest family member!  We spent the day cooking, watching football, snuggling, reading, and EATING!
A little football viewing...
Silly times with Uncle Josh!
In our family, we also add baked salami to the menu!  It's a favorite of Larry's, and the rest of us think it's tasty too.  Each
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Our selection of desserts: Pumpkin Pie, Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie and Browned Butter and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Requested by and made just for Larry :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Enjoying Cousin Life!

Madelyn is a casual observer for her first viewing of Pancakes with Bampa!
Maybe next time she can stand on her own stool...
 And, that was just too exciting to stay awake for!
 Kisses while waiting for pancakes
And, some smiles too!
I just loved watching these two together!
Jackson had a GREAT time making up football plays with this bucket of guys!
 After lunch, it was time to head to Madelyn's Meet and Greet for local friends!  It was really fun to visit with lots of people at once who we like to see when we're in town!  There was yummy food, good chats and some this gigantic giraffe!
Madelyn, meet Sophie!
 Michelle wins Best Aunt Award, hands down!  The boys were up early, as usual.  Not only did she take them off to the playground to enjoy the new snow that fell, but she wrapped Madelyn up too and took her with on the adventure as well! 
After playing in the snow, Jackson helped Mimi put together the playmat for Madelyn.
She loved it!
In the evening, we headed to Auntie Abbey's house to visit with her, Uncle Dan, Auntie Kelly and Auntie Dale, and to play with Rylie, Brooklyn and Max!

Our kiddo photo keeps getting bigger!!!
Good morning!
Graham (almost 3 1/2), Madelyn (2 months) and Jackson (7)
My lucky charm for Ticket to Ride...!