Monday, November 2, 2015

Out of Control October!

I am a person who likes to keep busy, but October took it to a whole new level!  Lots of different things I really enjoy doing all combined this month to make the perfect storm known as Over Commitment!  Most obvious, Halloween is in October, so there was time spent planning costumes, shopping for supplies, and making the actual costumes.  Jackson's birthday also happens in October, so we had party prep, party day, and his actual birthday day to celebrate at home and school.  Book Fair occurs during October at Pattie, so there were volunteer needs for setting up, helping the kiddos make their wish lists, and helping out during the evening when the book fair stays open late.  This night coincides with Ice Cream Social, hosted by the PTCO, AND my first event I was co-chairing!!!  Luckily, Teresa was my co-chair, and I LOVED working with her.  But, just like Halloween, there was planning, prep and shopping for that.  We did a pretty awesome job, if I do say so myself...  ;)  During October, I was also offered the very part-time job at Graham's preschool starting in November.  But, I needed to find a morning to spend training at the preschool.  Throw in normal commitments like monthly PTCO meeting and Book Club meeting and just everyday life, and it was insane!  I also lost my voice just in time for the actual Ice Cream Social, so I was hoarse for most of that evening!  

This was the craziest of all days: training at preschool for a full morning, going directly to Pattie to volunteer in the library to help kids make wish lists, pick up Jackson from his classroom and stay at school to laminate Ice Cream Social decorations, drop off something at a friend's house on the way home, pick up Graham from a neighbor's house (because she picked him up from preschool, fed him lunch, and laid him down to nap at her house while I went to Pattie), and get ready to go to Wegmans for Trick or Treating!  CRAZINESS!  

I learned A LOT during this month, and plan to protect my time more seriously as the year goes on.  Even if I feel like I can make time and I enjoy the things I'm volunteering to help with, if I am too stressed or overloaded to fulfill my commitments to my FAMILY, it's not worth it or a good idea.  A super supportive husband and awesome friends helped me make this ridiculous month a success, but I don't think that means it should become the norm...

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