Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

It was nice that Halloween wasn't on a school night, but it also was a loooong day leading up to Trick or Treating!
Frankenstein Quesadillas for lunch
Crescent roll dough can turn pretty much anything into a mummified food!  LOL  We had mummy dogs and mummy jalapeno poppers!  We also had baked potato skins with pumpkin faces.
All dressed and ready to go a bit ahead of schedule.  Getting in some more Halloween stories!
Fireman Graham!  The costume was recycled from last year, and the fire truck box was from his birthday party (and not worn to go Trick-or-Treating, just for the photo op), but the air tank was new!
From the back
Halloween 2015
Vampire in the front...
R2-D2 in the back!
One of our favorite babysitters, Jackie, was dressed as Chewbacca!  The perfect partner for R2!
Izzy was getting ready to head out as Black Widow!

We tried really hard to balance our time out Trick-or-Treating with our time home to hand out treats!  I think we did a good job--the boys ended up with plenty of candy, but they also were able to answer the door quite a few times and check out costumes and hand out candy.  

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