Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Enjoying Cousin Life!

Madelyn is a casual observer for her first viewing of Pancakes with Bampa!
Maybe next time she can stand on her own stool...
 And, that was just too exciting to stay awake for!
 Kisses while waiting for pancakes
And, some smiles too!
I just loved watching these two together!
Jackson had a GREAT time making up football plays with this bucket of guys!
 After lunch, it was time to head to Madelyn's Meet and Greet for local friends!  It was really fun to visit with lots of people at once who we like to see when we're in town!  There was yummy food, good chats and some this gigantic giraffe!
Madelyn, meet Sophie!
 Michelle wins Best Aunt Award, hands down!  The boys were up early, as usual.  Not only did she take them off to the playground to enjoy the new snow that fell, but she wrapped Madelyn up too and took her with on the adventure as well! 
After playing in the snow, Jackson helped Mimi put together the playmat for Madelyn.
She loved it!
In the evening, we headed to Auntie Abbey's house to visit with her, Uncle Dan, Auntie Kelly and Auntie Dale, and to play with Rylie, Brooklyn and Max!

Our kiddo photo keeps getting bigger!!!
Good morning!
Graham (almost 3 1/2), Madelyn (2 months) and Jackson (7)
My lucky charm for Ticket to Ride...!

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