Monday, March 28, 2016

An Eggciting Day!

Easter treats were ready for the boys to find at breakfast!
Paw Patrol Bucket: Bunny fruit snacks, chocolate bunnies, stretchy dinos, lightsaber glowstick, bubble gun and a new "Blaze" DVD!
Star Wars Bucket: same stuff except "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2"
Ready to hunt for some eggs!

"Traditional" Easter dinner: Brisket, kugel (with a new pretzel topping!) and cinnamon jello
When Mommy and Daddy make you eat dinner at 4:15, so they are finished and cleaned up before the big game starts, you score a movie and snacks before bed!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break Full of Friends!

Fun Mom and Friend Date to see "Zootopia!!!"
I may or may not have been more excited than Jackson to see the movie...  It was SOOO good!  We loved it and can't wait to buy it to keep!
I don't want to think about the Yanceys moving to Texas later this Spring, because we will miss them ALL SOOO much!  But, to give Susie and Joe some time to get projects finished around their house before listing it, I was brave enough to take all four kiddos to one of our favorite destination playgrounds: Clemyjontri!  They used good teamwork to conquer the maze...
Rachel and Jackson climbed on EVERYTHING they could!
Group train ride
The sunglasses kill me!
Fire truck
Picnic lunch!!!  
The carrots were a hot commodity between these two!
Mostly cuteness...and a little terror because there was a large lawnmower nearby...!
Fireman Graham!
Firewoman Rachel!
Fireman Ben!
Fireman Jackson!
Sibling seesawing
My buddies :)
New library books to read while enjoying an ice cream reward for trying on Spring clothes :)  Everyone wins!
Happy THIRD Birthday, Ben!!!  He LOVED his awesome firetruck cake!
Blowing out candles
The Yancey Fam
Another cake lover
We were lucky enough to score an all-day invitation to the Yancey house!  We came to celebrate Ben's birthday around lunchtime and stayed through naptime and into dinner time and hanging out time!  The guys were put to work building a new shed, but then they settled in for basketball watching.  They looked quite similar to these two buddies watching "Paw Patrol!"
And, we got to play outside because it is finally getting nicer!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Kicking Off Spring Break!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  Love our delicious Shamrock Shake tradition!
A little fun at Target to kick off Spring Break!
Daddy's enjoying his favorite time of year and cheering on the Hoos in March Madness, so we were very excited to have birthday parties to fill our weekend!
First up: Alex turned 7!!!  She had a really fun party at a dance studio!  The kids all learned a little choreography to "Shake it Off," and then they performed it for the parents!  It was a cold and yucky day, so hanging out with friends was just what we needed :)
We headed to Maryland on Sunday to celebrate with Diego, and we had a little time to grab a cache first.  It took us a few minutes, but I've been the sous-cacher long enough that sometimes you need to look UP!  To the top of the parking garage we went!  SUCCESS!

We helped Diego celebrate turning FOUR, Batman-Style!
Another non-Spring Breaky day with a little snow thrown in, so a Pump it Up party was amazing!
Jackson LOVED this game!
Home for baths and then to be Bedtime Pirates!
Double Pirate!  ARGH!
We love our friends and we loved helping them celebrate special days!  What fun activities to start Spring Break :)