Monday, March 14, 2016

Getaway to Baltimore and Annapolis

We struck an awesome bargain with Susie and Joe: We would keep their kids while they take a house-hunting trip to San Antonio in late April, and we can have a kid-free weekend to ourselves!  Score!  We didn't really have any strong feelings of where to go, so we headed north to Maryland and stayed in Baltimore and explored it and Annapolis :)
Traffic was not our best friend, but we finally made it to our first stop: DINNER!  We ate at Nick's Fish House on a recommendation, and it was SOOO good!  We started with delicious adult beverages and an order of deck fries.  They were fries seasoned with special seasoning and with a couple of tasty dips on the side!
Then, we shared a crab pretzel (YUM!)
and a delicious shrimp dinner.  Our tummies were way happier leaving the restaurant :)
Saturday looked like the better weather day, so we drove to Annapolis to explore.  We had been once before, but that was with kids, so it was nice to explore at our own pace!  We weren't able to park on the grounds on the Naval Academy, but we found parking on the street and walked on to wander.

Lunch at Chick and Ruth's Delly--another YUM moment!
A little webcam caching action ;)
We wandered the streets with cute shops and especially enjoyed a bookstore/coffee shop combo.  

On Sunday we wandered around Baltimore doing a lot of people watching and a few caches.  On the way back home, we stopped at Glen Echo Park.  It includes the remains of an old amusement park!  It was super cool to walk around and then read some of the history on the way home!

Of course, we are happy to help out our friends, but some "us" time was just what we needed :)

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