Monday, March 7, 2016

Off to Minneapolis!

I got the most wonderful Christmas present from Larry and Michelle: a plane ticket to visit MN and pay a little special attention to my niece while Michelle was out of town for the weekend.  I loved every minute of traveling by myself!  ;)
Sadly, my layover in NYC turned into an overnight due to a flight that was delayed multiple times and finally cancelled.  I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed my completely paid for hotel room all to myself!  I think I lucked out that I got the call about the cancellation just as I was riding the shuttle bus around the terminals and ended up outside my terminal.  The ticket agent was super efficient in getting me a ride and a hotel room.  I suspect if I had been much later, rooms would have filled up and I would have waited a really long time for food delivery!  I was supposed to get into Minneapolis around 10pm, so it's not like I missed out on a lot of hanging out time with Larry and Madelyn.  My new flight was the 6:30am flight, so I got in with PLENTY of time left in the day ;)
Meanwhile, back on Talon Drive, this is how Josh found Graham in the morning!
And, this is the view Josh had as school was cancelled!?  I couldn't believe it when I saw the alert from the county in my email, and sure enough, Josh confirmed there was no school.  This is actually the view of what a 2-hour delay would have looked like.  
They did a little caching with the time off of school...
Meanwhile, THIS was my view out the window as I waited for the plane to be deiced!  LOL  We managed to take off relatively on time ;)
Much anticipated niece time!!!  We went right to lunch and then home to hang out for a bit.
Even thought it was snowing pretty good, we took a really nice walk and hit some geocaches Josh had requested...
Madelyn's first geocache!!!  Sadly, she missed the whole experience while she snoozed...  Mom and Dad got in before dinner and we hung out and ordered some yummy pizza and playing a game!  Mom and Dad stayed in an apartment downstairs in Larry's building, so he and I got right to watching "Fuller House" on Netflix once they headed downstairs.  ;)  So many memories of watching trashy TV together...
The boys are on my phone Skyping with Madelyn!  Larry made waffles for brunch before we headed out to the Polar Plunge.
One of the main events from this trip: The Polar Plunge!  It was SO fun to be part of this event!  
Larry's group getting ready to jump
So fun!
All ready to go hang out with Larry's co-workers/friends to celebrate another successful Polar Plunge!
The day turned out to be beautiful, so Larry and I took Madelyn on a super long walk around the lake.  I would love having all of those lakes to run/walk around!
Obviously, Madelyn is a fan of brunch!
Eating the most delicious brunch at Ikes!  We took one more short walk before Larry took me to the airport.
It was SUCH a special treat to spend a few days with Madelyn (and Larry and my parents)!

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