Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fun in Preschool and First Grade!

Jackson's class performed with the other First Grades in a music program: "Our America!"
They sang several wonderful patriotic songs, and Jackson had a speaking part!  He practiced a lot beforehand and did a great job :)
Jackson also participated in Jump Rope for Heart with the rest of Pattie Elementary!  During PE, the kids rotated between different stations.  They also were encouraged to get pledges as donations to the American Heart Association.

Graham LOVES all of the helper jobs at preschool!  Isn't this the cutest of him being the Calendar Helper!
Science Day!
Brushing an egg that was dyed brown with toothpaste to see how important it is to brush our teeth!
Jackson celebrated the 100th Day of First Grade!!!
Blowing rockets off of straws!

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