Monday, February 1, 2016

Mimi Saves Our Sanity!!!

Mimi's trip was planned, but we had no way of knowing when we scheduled it that she would arrive at the end of #snolycrap and in the midst of EIGHT days off of school!!!  Our first adventure out of the house with Mimi was to our favorite Barnes and Noble location with a fabulous train table, a huge selection of books and lots of yummy drinks :)  On Saturday, Kristyn, Arturo, Diego and Aurelia stopped by on their way to visit other friends and stayed for brunch and some playtime.  
 On Sunday, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!  The main dinosaur exhibit is closed, but they had a smaller area to visit open.  Someone was a very happy camper...!
 Our goal was to go to Red Robin for dinner after the museum, but traffic was not on our side.  We convinced these yahoos that Five Guys would be a suitable replacement.  I think their faces call that a success :)
 Sees Sucker faces!
 The long-awaited day was finally here when our brand-new neighborhood library opened!!!  We were so excited Mimi was here to go see it with us for the first time!  The building is beautiful, there is underground parking, and the whole place is just so bright!  The boys are standing in the front lobby after riding the elevator up from the parking garage.
Jackson found this fun rocking chair in a little area that will be used for storytimes.  We chekced out quite a haul of new books to read at home.  That was the best part for me: ALL OF THE BOOKS ARE BRAND NEW!!!

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