Monday, February 15, 2016

Very Valentine-y

All the fixings to make Valentine's treats for school!
A little Starbucks pick me up for the teachers on the day of sugar highs for the children ;)
Cute bags with special pictures!
I had never heard of Valentine boxes!  Apparently, it's a big "thing!"  Jackson had an assignment to make one to bring to school to collect Valentine's, and after some time on Pinterest, we settled on this basketball box!

Mini strawberry cupcakes for Jackson's class :)
Checking out the Valentine treats
Graham checking out his
Yummy chocolates, Cupid Corn, and a new Star Wars car
A box of chocolates just for Graham, Cupid Corn and a Blaze truck!
Jackson LOVES watching our Amaryllis flowers grown each winter!
Guess how much Graham wanted to take this picture?  I cannot get over his face!!!
We took Daddy to the new library to play and hang out before going out to dinner for our traditional Qdoba Valentine dinner!
A MUCH happier photo shoot!
Check out our cute Valentine's Day shirts!
Brothers :)

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