Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Journey to Evanston

Ah, best laid plans...  The boys and I had an exciting start planned to our Thanksgiving break: we were heading to Illinois a whole week early!!!  We planned to use our extra time to visit with friends, so we could spend as much time with Madelyn, Larry and Michelle once they arrived.  We picked Jackson up a bit early from school, picked up Josh from work, and he drove us to Baltimore!  We made it all the way through security to our gate where we found out our flight was cancelled!  Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it :(  We went home, put the boys to bed and started prepping to leave pre-dawn for our new 6am flight.  Out of Baltimore.  At 2am, when I got up to start getting ready, our flight was already delayed by three hours.  They allowed us to cancel and get our money back, so after A LOT of agonizing, that's what we did.  Again, disappointment doesn't begin to cover it :(  The boys handled it way better than I did!  LOL  Luckily, by about 10:30am, Josh had rearranged his schedule at work to leave earlier than planned, so we could all drive together at least a bit early.  He's amazing the way he supports my love of my family and friends! 
I took the boys for ice cream after school Thursday to cheer us all up, and Jackson said, "Mommy, even though this isn't how we wanted this to go, it's still been a fun adventure, right?"  I absolutely adore that boy!
We arrived in Evanston on Friday afternoon :)  I was SO happy to be there!  Mom and I took the boys to the playground to run off some steam.
Bampa joined us shortly after :)  These are some happy grands!!!
Jackson made welcome signs for the Minnesota contingent!
Checking out Uncle Josh...
So sweet!
SO excited to finally be snuggling MY NIECE!
Jackson was like an old pro!
During her travel time in the car, Miss Madelyn earned herself a prompt bath upon arrival, and I was more than happy to get her all cleaned up!
Clean baby happiness!
After all of our drama, THIS is what I was most looking forward to!

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