Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Spirit

HA!  Just like last year, we finally made it to Wednesday storytime at the library, and it happened to be a special Halloween theme!  Graham wasn't wearing his full costumes, but he was wearing his fireman boots!  We decorated bags and trick-or-treated around the little library!
Then, there was some special mail from Mimi and Bampa!
Gummy tarantulas!!!
Jackson makes some of the best faces...and usually requests pictures of them...

Monkey see, monkey do!

Graham's first Halloween Parade!!!  Isn't this an adorable bunch?!
Headed towards my trick-or-treat station!  We gave out tattoos :)

On to the next station!
Having a great time, of course!

More of the parade!
I just love Graham's preschool teacher!  This is her first year, so I thought she might enjoy some Halloween-themed frames (to be filled with class pictures from each day) of her first group of kiddos!
Graham also got to have another parade on yesterday (one on Thursday and one on Friday ensures all of the children get to participate in at least one even though they go on differing days), and he loved it just as much!
I went into Jackson's classroom yesterday afternoon for their Fall Feast, and I brought donut holes decorated to look like acorns and pumpkin spice playdough!  I know I have great memories from all of my holiday classroom parties, and I'm so glad the boys have teachers who are helping them make good memories of their own!

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