Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin-ing at Great Country Farms!!!

After our really fun time exploring Great Country Farms for Pancakes and Potatoes before school started, we decided to take a break from Cox Farms this year, and see what else GCF had to offer!  The boys were super excited to go back :)
Posing by the cow at the entrance while Daddy waited in line for admission.
A cool spider decoration,
and, cool farmer skeletons!
We decided to try to fit in apple picking too.  The boys study the map of all the fun things to do while we ride the wagon to apples!
While we did find enough good apples for a little baking and eating at home, there weren't too many good choices left.  That's ok--we knew were late in the season, and it was fun to do a little picking.
Of course, lots of good ones were hard to reach.
Graham had to stretch up too!
It was a gorgeous day!  
One fun attraction this time was this T-Rex chomping on pumpkins!
This was a great show, and the boys all of us loved watching the farmer feed the T-Rex more and more pumpkins for him to squash!
Graham wanted his picture with the Pumpkin Princess!  LOVE it!
Off to see the pig races next!  Graham had a prime seat!
Off they go!
We stopped to roast a few marshmallows by the huge fire pit.  
Serious business
Jackson used some of his birthday money to buy rides on the cow train for himself and Graham!  They were SO excited about this, and we loved watching the whole experience!
Taking a turn in medieval Time Out ;)
Rope swing fun
Hanging out in the Bobcat
Seeing how he measures up!

We had such a fun day!  We did some of the things we liked best from our last visit, got to try some new really fun things, picked apples, bought baby pumpkins, and enjoyed Fall :)

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