Friday, October 23, 2015

Trick or Treating at Stonebridge

One of our favorite activities is the early Trick or Treating Stonebridge and Wegmans do about a week before Halloween!
Vampire R2-D2 from the back...
...and the front!
Photo op with a pea pod in front of Wegmans
Happy Early Halloween!
We ran into Lillian!  So fun to see friends wherever we go :)
One of the stations set up in Wegmans and run by Milton from "Office Space!"
Taking a turn on the fire truck!
Jr. Firefighter on a firetruck!!! 
I love these boys and their loves for trucks :)
Firefighter Graham and Vampire R2-D2 in front of the big firetruck!

The boys had an awesome time still, but I was a little frustrated at the longer lines we experienced.  Not as many stores participated (or ran out of candy early), so the lines got longer at the places that were stocked and ready to go.  We skipped some of the long lines, which the boys were sad about at first, but they got over it ;)  Can't wait for "real" Trick or Treating...

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