Monday, October 19, 2015

A Bear for Baby Madelyn!

As of September, 16th, Josh and I have a niece and the boys have a first cousin!!!
Madelyn Riley was born early in the morning and was 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long!
When each of the boys were born, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Larry made them Build a Bears and dressed them and named them in a Minnesota-themed fashion.  Jackson's bear is named T.C. (Twin Cities) and sports a Timberwolves basketball jersey.  Graham's is named Paul (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and sports a Wild hockey jersey.  SUCH a special gift when we live in separate states!  So, Jackson decided Madelyn needed a special bear!  And, who doesn't love a reason for Build a Bear?!
This was the first time Graham helped!  Jackson was all about choosing the bear designed for babies since it has its features sewn on and no choking hazards.  Then, it was time for the stuffing...
Testing to see if her stuffing level is just right
Each of the boys got a special little heart to send good wishes to Baby Madelyn and tuck inside the bear.
There is a whole routine for this, of course.  Rubbing the heart on their heads, so the bear will be extra smart.
I can't remember why they rub the hearts on their cheeks...
Rubbing the hearts on their tummies, so the bear will always have enough to eat.
Making a wish and giving the hearts a kiss before tucking them inside
Time to give the bear a bath!
Then, it was time to dress her and take care of her birth certificate.  Jackson agreed we should look for a UVa shirt for her.  We found a UVa t-shirt, paired it with a jean skirt that had some silver sequin trim, Olaf slippers, and little hair bows to complete the look.  Jackson wanted to add shoes to the ensemble, but I showed him how lots of the shoe choices were either made out of a hard material or had glitter or sequins--not baby friendly things!  Graham approved the Olaf slippers, and Jackson thought they looked much softer.  I loved watching the boys put together a bear for this sweet baby girl they hadn't met yet, but were so excited about!  I also just was so amused watching the two of them make such a girly bear ;)
Here are the three cousins and their special bears!  

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