Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Festitivities

We had a wonderful start to Halloween!  Auntie Em came to spend the day with us, and we had so much fun :)  She got here bright and early after dropping off Uncle Josh at school.  We got ready to go and headed to Target for some pre-Superstorm Sandy items.  After that outing we headed home for lunch and quiet time.  After quiet time, we carved our pumpkin!!!  
Jackson dug right in after just a little encouragement!
Auntie Em handled Carving Duty!
Graham eyeing our bowl of pumpkin seeds...
Out happy little helper!
Helpful supervisor!
Jackson and the finished product!
Someone got a little messy, so we had to take off his clothes!  LOL
Someone else had a busy day and passed out in the recliner while watching TV!   I love how his cup is tucked in his arm and that you can see the Patrick sticker in the middle of his shirt if you look very closely...
Since Jackson was sleeping when Auntie Em had to leave, she had a photo op with just Grahmmers :)
I LOVE getting to spend days like this with one of my oldest and bestest friends :)
Good thing Jackson got in a little snooze since we had a Halloween block party at night!!!  You can't quite tell, but Graham is wearing his cape too :)
Hallie planned a great party!  The first game was a donut eating contest!  The donuts were tied to our tree, and you were supposed to eat your donut without your hands.  This was a little tricky, so basically everyone got to eat a donut :)
It was a potluck for snacks, and it was a lovely spread!  There was homemade cider, apple slices dipped in caramel, pumpkin rice krispie treats, funfetti cake, mango cheesecake, candy corn puppy chow snack mix, snake calzones, cookies, and a few other yummy treats!
The kids also played ring toss.  And, then we let them run around the cul de sac to get out some energy :)  It was definitely the calm before the storm and we enjoyed the nice night.  Again, I LOVE our neighborhood and our friends!  Jackson had a ball :)

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