Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Hero Mr. Potato Head Celebrates Halloween!

I had planned on Jackson dressing up as a super hero for Halloween since he had his new cape from his birthday!  But, a few days before Halloween, Jackson kept telling people he was going to be Super Hero Mr. Potato Head.  First, I fought it and kept reminding him that Mr. Potato Head was last year, and the Super Hero was this year, by itself.  But then I realized that there would not be another Super Hero Mr. Potato Head around the neighborhood.  Plus, HE came up with it!  So, off he went...
There was a little parade at school around the church, and I am so glad I went a little early to get to see it!  I actually helped hand out "treats" as they trick-or-treated!  It was an adorable little parade!
Collecting a treat!
The kids decorated their bags during they day.  This is side #1...
And, this is side #2.  There was a request for no candy, so Jackson got a mini-Playdough tattoos, pretzels, and goldfish!
Halloween shirts!
Close-up of my smiley spider with a pumpkin hat and monster feet!
Super Head Mr. Potato Head ready to go!
And, a not so happy Super Graham :(
Jackson and the La La Loopsies!
Super Graham and Tigger Levi :)
Graham enjoyed Trick or Treating, but eventually fell asleep!
Jackson had a wonderful time Trick or Treating with ALL of his friends!  We snuck home a bit early so he could hand out candy to his friends!
He LOVED this part almost as much, I think!
Waiting for more friends, so I took advantage of the photo op :)
More friends are coming!
And, of course, checking out the loot :)  Another successful Halloween completed!

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