Saturday, November 3, 2012

KitchenAid Hide and Seek

Well, we made it through the storm!  Sandy came rushing at the Northeast, and it is so sad to see the damage she caused.  Right where we are did not get it bad at all!  Monday night was definitely a little scary as it got super windy and rainy, but we were just fine.  Our power stayed on and we just had a few small limbs fall in the yard.  The Yanceys lost power again (like in the last storm), so we were happy to have them spend the day with us Tuesday!  It was actually a fine day...except for the schools being closed and the lack of power in certain areas.  We wanted an outing (especially since we will be hanging out at home next week after Jackson's surgery), so we invited the Bashores to come to the library with Susie, Rachel and us.  We had a good time and stocked up on new books :)  What to eat post-hurricane?  Five Guys for lunch, of course :)  The kids were happy playing all afternoon, and Josh, Jackson and Joe introduced Rachel to the wonders of Super Mario World :)  That kept them entertained for quite a while--Daddies and Kiddos alike ;)  Even though their power was supposedly back on, we convinced the Yanceys to stay for dinner.  I made fancy spaghetti and meat sauce on the fly, but it was actually pretty yummy!  After they packed up to go back to their house, we geared up for our first normal day all week: work for Josh and school for Jackson complete with a Halloween parade!

***The above video was taken as Jackson helped me make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Graham was clearly enjoying himself :)

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