Monday, November 5, 2012

Graham is Five Months Old!

This has been a busy fifth month for Mr. Graham!  He napped in his crib at home for a real nap on Thursday, October 18th!!!  The next night, he slept for six straight hours!  Now, the six straight hours hasn't continued, but the napping in his crib has!  WOO HOO!!!  Graham's sleep pattern is sleep for an hour or so, up for an hour and a half or two, and then back to sleep with plenty of eating and playing in between!  However, if we are out and about, Graham will cat-nap or not nap at all, but then he seems to take a longer nap once we are home and he is in his bed.  I have no idea if this will continue, but I can definitely live with that!  We are working on sleeping longer at night, but as long as he goes back to sleep right away, I'm not too bothered.
Both boys looking at the TV instead of Mommy :/
There we go!  Brothers for five whole months already :) :) :)
 Graham still really likes playing on his playmat.  This month he started grasping more purposefully and loves trying to get ahold of the toys dangling above him!
 We got out the Exersaucer this month!  Graham really seems to love it, especially when he has company playing with him!
 Little feet!
 Oh, this face!
Graham continues to be easy going.  We are SO thankful for this quality in our second child!  When he is upset, he is UPSET!  But, he usually has a good reason.  I am really trying to remember that nothing lasts forever, and even the frustrating parts of babyhood will be missed one day...  Jackson still LOVES Graham, and Graham LOVES Jackson!  He gets super excited when Jackson comes to play with him!  They are so sweet to watch together, and FUNNY!  I especially love when Josh gets to play with both of them, and then all three of my boys are together.  THREE boys?!  Who woulda thunk...

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