Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin-ing AGAIN!!!

Jackson had SUCH an AWESOME time at Cox Farms the first time this fall, that I was dying to take him back a second time!  We had hoped to take him on his birthday, but the weather wasn't so great.  It looked much better when my mom would be in town, so that is just what we did!  We actually went the same day that the boys had their check-ups.  We dropped Josh off at the train after the doctor and headed to the farm!!!
I needed to feed Graham right when we got there, so Jackson started in on the slides!  It was on the chillier side when we arrived, but it turned into a really perfect day.
Little toes sticking out!
Getting ready to go down the frog's mouth slide!
Taking a trip on the Yellow Brick Road
We haven't ridden the hayride before at Cox!  The line is super long on the weekends, and this last time we went, we were smart enough to head straight to one of the more popular slides, but we forgot to do the hayride early on.  So, we made that a priority on this trip! 
Getting ready for Graham's first hayride!
Here we go!!!  The hayride was TOTALLY worth it, and we will never be able to take a trip to Cox without riding it again!  Jackson LOVED it, and it was really well done--very entertaining for adults too!

After the hayride we headed to the goats.  On this particular day, they were having the kids feed the goats from the outside because they were particularly aggressive!  So, Jackson got to share a cone of food with a couple of goats before we went in.
Showing Mimi all the goats
He LOVED the baby goats!  They were pretty cute :)
Getting ready to give this guy some pats--we noticed that Jackson liked to choose his own goats to pet.  The ones that came up to him didn't get quite the excited reaction...
Mimi made a friend!
Mimi talked to Jackson about the corn and told him that Bampa used to grow it on his farm!
BIG yellow chair!
We stopped for a lunch break with some kettle corn as a treat!  Jackson was really excited about this too!
Out hatched a Jackson!
Brothers :)
Not the best, but you get the idea!  Thanks, Brandi, for the adorable matching shirts from this summer!  We so wish you could have been here so Liam could have worn his too :)
Check out Mimi on the big slide!
And, then on the barn slide! 
Jackson wanted to go down the big slide one more time, but Mimi wasn't up for the big climb again.  I was all for going again, but I didn't want to disturb Graham, so he just came with!  We don't mess around with our kids' first slide rides ;)
We had SUCH a good time with Mimi at Cox Farms!  She thought it was pretty fun too :)  And, of course, we got to take home some more pumpkins--quite a collection is growing on our porch!

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