Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pin I Did

I have had a "slight" obsession with baby clothes ever since I was pregnant with Jackson.  One of my favorite activities preparing for his arrival was washing and then organizing all of the little clothes!  I spent lots of time organizing them again after he wore them as I packed them away.  As we prepared for Graham, I organized them AGAIN and worked in some hand-me-downs we received.  Most recently I was just annoyed at my current system because it was ugly and cumbersome.  Then, I pinned this and immediately went to The Dollar Store!

 I bought an assortment of comforter bags (one per pack) and sweater bags (two per pack), and I set about organizing once more.  It was good timing since I needed to do a major overhaul of Graham's closet.  He had outgrown a ton and I wanted to pull out things that would now fit.  Since the bags were only a dollar, and they would only take up as much room as what was in them, I really felt like I could put one size, and maybe just a season of a size, in one bag and REALLY feel organized ;)  They still aren't the most beautiful, but they are MUCH better than Pampers boxes and they definitely take up less room!  YAY! 
The only recommendation I have is to only buy the smaller sweater bags. They stack neater. The larger comforter bags sure hold a lot, but this is The Dollar Store, and the bigger bags get really heavy and are more likely to rip. Plus, they don't stack quite as neatly...

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