Wednesday, April 3, 2013

End of the Trip

 We took Jackson to The Rainforest Cafe for the first time, and he LOVED it!  I wasn't quite sure how it would go since he still doesn't like to visit characters up close.  We took him in the gift shop the other day and talked to him about how there would be loud sounds and the animals moved.  He said it looked good, so we went with our plan!
We met some good, old friends of mine.  Lori and Christina taught at Elgin Academy with me.  Cassie is Lori's daughter, and she was in my first Third Grade class!  She is in high school now!!!  Christina's son, Russell, will be three this fall, and he and Jackson had a blast talking about Transformers and Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse :)
Cassie and Graham
Mimi and Jackson spent a lot of time checking out the crocodile at the front of the restaurant.  Jackson reported that the crocodile liked to eat money since he saw all of the coins in the pond!
Believe it or not the above and below pictures were taken at Abt Appliance Store!  We went to pick out a new washing machine for Nan, and we had quite the pleasant surprise!  The showroom itself is HUGE, but then there is a whole mini-mall attached!  There is a storefront for some of the major appliance brands (KitchenAid, Electrolux, etc.) and there is a beautiful fountain in the middle surrounded by pretty flowers and statues. 
Old timey car
For dinner we met Bampa at Maggiano's--YUM!  This face totally sums up Graham's thoughts on dining out while on vacation :)
This one is just funny!
Bampa and Jackson snuggling up for a show before bed :)
Morning smiles
One last lunch at Herms'...and one last set of squeezes for Miss Marla!
Posing with Craig

We had an even better flight back to Virginia!  Again, TSA was super helpful getting through security, and the gate agent rearranged our seats so Graham could have his own seat again.  This time he slept through the whole flight and deplaning!  AWESOME traveler!!!  It was SO good to see Josh!  He had worked hard to make sure I didn't come back from my trip to tons of work--laundry done and folded, kitchen cleaned, floors vacuumed, mail collected, and dinner made :)  LOVE this man for "letting" me take advantage of this time to go home and being just so helpful in general!

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