Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Weekend!

These two little guys were MUCH prayed and waited for--I can't believe there are EIGHT of us Smiths and Yanceys :) :) :)  Graham did a great job eating and Ben did a great job snoozing! 
SWEETNESS!  We love getting to hang out with our newest friend :)
Tiny fist
Snuggles with Josh
Yesterday we took advantage of our beautiful spring weather and went for a hike in the Prince William Forest.  We took the train that leads to the waterfall.  Josh, Jackson and Pax did a little hopping around.
Checking out the water
Daddy moves big stick
Josh posed Jackson on this rock and then went further down stream to take the picture
I made it one rock out with all of the boys for Josh to take a picture, and that was great.  Then Jackson and Josh found a little turtle they were looking at.  Jackson was super cute crouched down, so I got out the camera to take a picture...and I dropped the camera in the stream :(  New camera is headed this way later this week as an early birthday present from my parents, but that is where the photos of this outing end...

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