Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Kind of Eating Day

Yesterday we started with a Panera breakfast date with Mimi's friend, Terrie.  Again, it was so fun to share my boys with someone we have known for so long :)
After that we drove out to meet Jane, Alex, Alyssa, and Ashley for lunch at Woodfield at Red Robin--YUM!  We knew we were slightly crazy to attempt lunch there on a Saturday, but it was really the only day that ended up working.  They might have been able to seat all eight of us, but instead we sat at two separate booths and Ashley, Alyssa and Jackson sat together!  The girls were so good keeping an eye on him!
He loved getting some turns on the iPad :)
Eventually they were all on one side of the booth together!  Super cute!
Alex and Graham
Alyssa and Graham

I didn't even think of taking a picture, but my dad and I went out for strawberry shortcake at The Cheesecake Factory after we ate dinner together at home.  Their shortcake is SO good, and this has become a tradition with us.  It's always nice to just go out with my dad :)

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