Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday Fun

These yummy toes were all I wanted for breakfast!!!  So delicious, especially in his "big boy" pjs!!!
Life is good at Mimi and Bampa's!
Our first stop of the day was Barnes and Noble to meet Auntie Dale!  Conveniently, they were having story time while we were there!  Unfortunately, this story time was ON the Nook!  WHAT?!  The kids sat in front of the Nook counter watching the Nook read to them!  Craziness :(  The woman facilitating the story time, however, was really good and interacted with the kids as much as possible still.  Jackson was so stinking cute sitting and being such a good listener.  He LOVED wearing his Dr. Seuss hat since the stories featured were Dr. Seuss :)
Mimi, Auntie Dale and Graham
We had such a good time catching up!  After leaving Auntie Dale, we grabbed some lunch and then headed out to Nan's again so we could do some grocery shopping for her before she comes home.
We came home to relax
In the evening, Katie came over and babysat so we could go out and celebrate Mom and Dad's 37th anniversary!!!  Josh and I will be celebrating our NINTH anniversary this summer, and that seems impressive, but nothing like almost FORTY!!! 

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