Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Sneaks In!

 Jackson has been too busy enjoying our beautiful spring days to get photographed, but this little guys still just sits still and makes a great photography subject :)  The weather finally broke last weekend, and we took advantage of it!  The boys and I went to the grocery store Sunday morning, and from the minute we got back around noon, Jackson was outside playing until 6pm! He took a short break for lunch, but that was it.  The friends rotated a bit, but he was so happy our there with his friends and their outdoor toys :)
 Josh and I worked on organizing the garage, so Graham kept us busy out there.  He Exersauced in the driveway when he was in a good mood :)  We also took some good family walks--Jackson is now brave enough to ride his bike down the big hills down the side streets off of our street!  He is SO proud :)
 I am so in love with this jacket!  This will be painful for me to watch Graham outgrow :(
 Peek a boo!!!
 Monday was also supposed to be super nice!  We made a date to meet Cole, Meredith and Baby Blake at the Lion's Mouth playground.  It was a little cloudy, but still a nice day to be outside.  Graham got to swing for the first time!!!
 He loved sitting in the swing and dangling his feet!
 SOOO happy!!!

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