Monday, March 11, 2013

What a Weekend :/

Here is one of the wonderful points of our weekend in Staunton!  Gramma soaked up as many snuggles as she could get :)  We had a great visit with Uncle Larry, Aunt Murph, and Gramma J, but there were quite a few things that we could have done without :( We started with some wet jammies for Jackson when he was surprised by Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry's dog in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.  Josh woke up with a HORRIBLE crick in his shoulder/neck, and was in a good amount of discomfort for the next few days.  I got probably the second-worst migraine I have ever had while we were at Gramma J's.  I went straight to bed once we got back to Murph and Larry's, which was so disappointing because Murph and I had plans to go get pedicures :(  I did feel better as the night went on, and we had such a fun evening hanging out!  It was COLD, and Windjammer is always so cozy with the fire going and hanging out in the great room.  Murph made a delicious dinner, and she and Larry were wonderful hosts, as always :)  In the middle of the night, Jackson woke up throwing up, and then it was just back and forth between Jackson and Graham waking up and settling back to sleep only to have the other wake up, and so on...  We hit the road as soon as we could get packed up on Sunday morning, which cut our trip short a bit, but we just wanted to get back home and settled in!  Jackson seemed to be on the mend pretty quickly, but then Graham started throwing up a couple of days later :(  OY!  I had a touch of whatever they had too.  The difference between how yucky I felt Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday was crazy!  I felt SO much better!  Good timing since Thursday was Graham's worst day :(  He finally kept his feedings down overnight on Thursday and is finally back to eating his normal menu!  

We will just have to plan another trip soon so we can really relax and enjoy ourselves without these little complications! 

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