Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Little Bike Riding and a Snow Day?

 We were so excited to have Susie, Joe and Rachel come over on Saturday!  This was our last hang out date before their sweet baby boy joins our group!!!  The weather was supposed to be crummy all day, but it actually ended up being a nice day!  They brought over Rachel's bike and her new helmet and bell to ride with Jackson.  Josh put Jackson's new Spiderman bell on his bike too before they all took off!  Jackson has FINALLY gotten up the courage to ride down the side streets off of our street that have big hills.  He LOVES it, but it does make us a little nervous and he takes off tearing down the sidewalk!   
 Rachel decided to join him, so the daddies went off to keep track of that!
Our last picture with Susie pregnant!
 Susie and I did some laps around our cul-de-sac with his stroller.  NOT on our bikes ;)  After they exhausted the outside playing, we ordered Chinese for dinner before Susie and I went out to do a baby errand and then have a dessert date at Cracker Barrel.  We had the most amazing apple dumpling deliciousness!  YUM!

On Monday we woke up to a snow day?  This was probably the most frustrating one so far.  There was a very light dusting on the grass and cars.  NO reason for Jackson not to go to school.  GRRR!  We actually ended up having a great day at home!  LOL  I got the house clean a day early, everyone was in a good mood, and we just enjoyed hanging out.  Jackson had asked if we could watch a movie together and have popcorn because we had done that the week before (I had DVRed "Gnomeo and Juliet" for us to watch together) and that was his favorite thing!  I told him we could do that on Tuesday.  So, on Tuesday, we went to Wegmans for groceries and picked up "Rise of the Guardians" to watch.  Both movies were SUPER cute!  We watched during Graham's nap, and then we took a walk to the Redbox at the end of our neighborhood to return the movie.  Jackson was dying to ride his bike down the big hills again, so the plan was to do that on the way home.  On his way down the first big one, he began to wobble and ended up flying into a mailbox and falling off his bike :(  THANK GOODNESS FOR BIKE HELMETS!!!  All he ended up with was a scraped hand.  The scrape is a little bad, but for how bad the fall looked, he is in good shape!  I have since found a couple big bruises on his knees, but still not bad at all.  We did carry his bike home, but he is already talking about riding down the hills again!  That was a scary moment for a mama to watch!  I'm sure there will be more between these two... (As they sit on the floor wrestling as I type!)

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