Friday, March 29, 2013

We Love Cousins!!!

 Yesterday we went to see our cousins, Beth, Matt and Andy, and we had SUCH a good always!  Beth has saved a bunch of toys that used to be the boys', so Jackson jumped right into playing!  These boys are just fantastic--they really seemed to enjoy hanging out with us--especially with the boys :)  I distinctly remember going to visit Beth after she had each boy, and now they are 18 and 16!!!
 Jackson spent a long time building towers with these cups...and Graham had fun knocking them down!
 Jackson loved this huge tape measure!
 Andy spent some time teaching Graham how to be a great little brother :)
 This was great timing in our trip to play with some big boys!  Jackson was craving that rough housing!
 Graham wants a turn!
 Jackson and Beth put together a big puzzle!
 "Playing" checkers
 Graham loved checking out the selection of toys too!
 Big Brothers and Little Brothers!
I know I have some old pictures of the boys and me, but I can't find them right now.  It would be fun to do a comparison though!

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