Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Train Table Date #3

We are always super excited to see Kim, but I was extra excited because I got to see her adorable baby belly too!  She is due with her baby girl really soon--I'm rooting for some time in the next week so I can meet that sweet girl before going back home...  Graham loved her and didn't seem to mind that there wasn't much lap left to sit on ;)
Our last picture as a group of four!  Can't wait to have some pink in this picture next time!!!
Graham had fun "standing" at the train table--it won't be long until both boys will enjoy that activity...  We all just love the book store :)  Jackson played with the trains for a while, and then he was a lucky boy and Mimi sat and read several books to him.  
After leaving Kim, we stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  We were leaving and Jackson sat down next to Ronald and said, "Let's just take a quick picture!"  OK!  Then we jumped back on the tollway and drove to Nan's house.  She was all settled in at her condo with her new caretaker.  She was super excited to see the boys!  We hung out there for a while, before going to the store to pick up some groceries for her.  Jackson and Mom took them up to her, and then we all met Dad at Hackney's for dinner.  These boys are awesome road warriors since it seems we are loading up the car in the morning and not coming back to the house until dinner or after.  We are having SO much fun :)

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