Friday, March 22, 2013

Graham's First Flight + Hot Dogs All Around!

I had SUCH a successful first flight with TWO kids by myself!!!  I wasn't too worried, but you never know...  Things started off on the right foot when my bag was NOT overweight :)  We got to the beginning of the security line, and we were immediately directed to the family area, so we got through right away.  I had a helpful guy behind me who helped me send all of our stuff through, and the TSA staff were SO friendly!  Like, chatty friendly!  It was a nice change of pace.  We got some breakfast, and then went to get tags for the stroller and car seat.  I asked the agent at the gate if there was any way to have a seat for the car seat if there was an empty seat.  He said, "Of course!"  I was NOT expecting that!  Graham smiled at him and won him over extra ;)  So, we boarded the plane and enjoyed the back row all to ourselves!  
 Jackson kept himself entertained on the Nook playing a new app based on "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"--he's obsessed!  He also quite enjoyed his apple juice beverage :)
 Graham did this for the majority of the flight!  YES!  That means I got to read my book!  WOO HOO!!!  When he woke up, we had about half an hour left, and I just fed him puffs while he kept hanging out in his seat.  Awesomesauce :)
Mimi and Bampa picked us up, and after a quick pit stop at the house, we headed right to Herms' for lunch.  Jackson was pretty excited to have a hot dog there...FINALLY!  He also surprised us all by eating it in a bun!!!  That definitely hasn't happened yet!  He condimented it with ketchup and honey mustard--whatever floats his boat...
 Graham enjoyed his first hot dog!  YAY!
 Happy munchers :)

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